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Do Black Men Have Bigger Willies- Today’s Answer


Do Black Men Have Bigger Willies, Does Penis Size matters During sex? These are few questions that not only the men seek an answer to, but majority of women also want to know if Black Men Have Bigger Willies.

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You may have heard about it somewhere or you have just thought of it that black men do have bigger dick sizes. Yes, I meant bigger penis, so you are here to find out the truth right? Don’t worry we have got you covered.

Generally, penis sizes vary in every man irrespective of their race, therefore figuring out if black men willies are bigger than that of their white counterparts may be challenging. But, don’t go anywhere the answer to your question is already here. Let’s quickly run through the subheads below to get a hint of what this article here is all about.

  • Who does the penis size measurements?
  • About the penis size.
  • The correct way to measure your willie size.
  • Does the penis size matter during sex ?
  • Do black men have bigger Willies?

Who does the penis size measurements?

Can you imagine someone walking up to you and telling you that “Hey man, bring out your willie – we need your size for research purpose”. No, it’s not done that way, I guess nobody is willing to do such a job, even if there was somebody, probably few. And also nobody will be ready to disclose his penis for research purpose.

Well, if this is almost impossible, how then do we answer your question – do black men have bigger willies?

Without doubt, There is always a way out to every query for clarification. This way is by urging men to do the measuring themselves and submitting results for research purposes. Such results can be gathered through online surveys and the likes.

According to research, most men do not submit the actual sizes of the penises. They would rather add a little inch with the assumption it’s going to be bigger than that soon – which has also been a major problem. So in this article, we should be dealing with rough estimates instead of focusing on accuracy.

About the penis size

The penis size does vary in circumference and length in different men and different races.

The size of a man’s penis may not be constant due to some factors like temperature, level of arousal, state of mind, frequency of sexual activity and their related.

A recent study carried out in 2015 shows that:

The average length of a man’s penis is 13.12cm which is equivalent to 5.17inches when erect and the circumference is usually measured at an average of 11.66cm (4.59) inches when erect.

What about the size when flaccid?

Well, the size of a flaccid penis may not be reliable enough but at an average level, the length should be within a range of 9-10cm which is equivalent to 3.5-3.9inches.

An amazing part of this flaccidity is that some men are known to have a larger penis when flaccid compared to when it’s erect. Meanwhile, it’s supposed to be the other way round. Isn’t that amazing? Or is yours like that? You may leave your answer in the comment section. Sound funny but true.

The correct way to measure your willie size

I believe by now you must have to wonder about the size of your willie. I guess questions like “ is my penis size up to the average size? Just popped up your mind. don’t let that bother you like I said I would be discussing if the penis size matters – just you continue reading. Anyway, am not surprised that you are thinking that way as recent studies have shown that men are more bothered about their willie size compared to women. So let’s get down to how to measure your willie size correctly.

Measuring the length;

  • Get a ruler
  • Place it under your groin area
  • And measure from the base to the tip

Measuring the circumference;

  • Get a tape rule
  • Place it around your penis
  • Then place the result on a ruler.

Aside from using a ruler, it has been said that there is a relationship between penis size and body size. Research shows that men with wider shoulder length to there hip are more endowed. This has made women who get satisfied with large penis size more attracted to men with a bigger shoulder to hip ratio.

Does the penis size matter during sex?

This is just another controversial sub-topic for both men and women. Well, some women prefer black men with bigger willies while most prefer it to be at an average size. Meanwhile, we soon find out if black men have bigger willies but before that does the penis size matter during sex?

Amazingly, women are the ones to answer this questions. So provided we still have women in the world, we have an answer. I have come across this particular question in so many groups and forums and I found how passionate they are answering this. Therefore, from the results gathered so far I found out that:

65% love it to be an average size in both length and circumference. 25% are after a larger circumference and average length while 10% does not care about the size of the penis but the way the man uses the penis.

Do black men have bigger willies?

Now to the main question – do black men have bigger willies? – Yes, they do but just a slight or little difference to the average penis size even if it has not been scientifically proven.

As recent research has it that the difference has small as 0.1 inches in terms of length and circumference.

It’s also trues that there many white men who have very huge willies than some blacks. Of course the same applies to the blacks, where some white penises are like small carrots compared to the blacks with a bigger penis.

The conclusion of the whole matter is “Every Race got people of different penis sizes” yes we know but if am to make Votes based on personal view and from what i have seen so far, I will give majority of my rating to the Blacks (let me refer your mind to porn views and lets end it there) as there’s no mere or scientific research to back that up.

Race does not determine the size of the penis whither you are black or white man.

Foods To improve Penis Size

I have listed some natural foods that can you eat to increase your penis size below;

  • Bananas
  • Salmon
  • Onion
  • Mango
  • Egg
  • Nuts
  • Spinach
  • Watermelon
  • Ginger
  • Green Tea


Conclusion: Do Black Men Have Bigger Willies?

It’s now your turn! Let us know what you think – do black men have bigger willies? Drop your comments below or send your queries and contributions via the contact page and share your experience if you have any.

Also remember to share this article with your loved ones. Thanks, and hope to see you read more of our posts.

About the Author: ChinereKis

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